Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frigging Home Alone. Again

My Lovely Little Lucky! *winks

11am in the morning

So obviously, Im frigging home alone. Again.
And not even with tall mean evil villians trying to break in my house to steal stuff to keep me busy. Like in the movie! Just frigging home alone.
Back to the lifeless pre-Singapore days where I wake up late and stare at the computer screen for about 7 hours.

Brother went to Melaka for the New year and Mum ran out of leaves.
Ma bunch of peeps are playing badminton and going out for karaoke.
This no transport thing really pisses me off.
Though I can't say I miss playing badminton
Seriously, I'll end up hitting my head more than the shuttlecock
and the game arms you with a racquet somemore!
Somebody's gonna get seriously hurt if I showed up

So anyways, taking pictas around ma house compensates for the lack of evil villians.

Sasha! My neighbour's very cute Husky! Who helped us clean our front porch by eating all the branches.

Good Luck Charm from ma Angel! It talks! It says " Yixian jie jie, wo shi ni de Angeeel! "
Hanged it on ma Kipling bag ;)
Love Winnie. Hes soooo cuteee! :D

Bought these Madagascar pens from Universal Studios Singapore! The only souveniers I bought cause stuff there were frigging expensive. These pens were like $5 each so its about RM12.50!!!!!!!
But Whateva. They are pretty

Hahhh. Ma Brother. Showing of his skin.
It sucks to have no sisters.
Sisters to gossip with, exchange clothes with, photograph with, go shopping with

Wanted to post more pichas but the internet's connection is being a bastard right now
Oooh and do you know, usually when you type a typo, the computer would instantly put a red wriggly line under your typo?
There is really a word called FRIGGING!

1pm in the afternoon

Frigging Hungry now
Whole morning have just been drinking Full Cream Milk from ma bottle
And blasting Jessie J's Dominos
And dancing around the house
Must be the dancing thats eating up the calories
I dont really like Jessie J
Its just I happened to see the Domino's video on the Related Videos

Im rambling shit now

Toodles :)

Lala heaven

Heheh, Christmas decos weren’t down yet so, why not take advantage? ;)

So on 27th of December ( usually Ill write yesterday, but dad didn’t allow usage of computer so, gahhhh, I had to procrastinate one day to post this and I don’t like saying, the day before yesterday, which sounds so corny. Whateva ) , mummy had to go meet this old friend of hers at this place called Kenanga Wholesale City. Well, originally I didn’t want to go. Like, tagging along with ma nearly 50 Mom and her equally old friend? What crazy imba person would? -__- But then my supreme evil ruler liar of a mom told me that if I teman her to go, she’ll buy me new New Year clothes and that Kenanga was a humongous mall like IU. Muahahhah *evil mom laugh

Heh, so, armed with my Canon, my pretty new oxfords and my humongous Kipling bag ( well, I didn’t really want to take that bag but that was like the only bag that my Canon could fit in ) which all weighs pretty much 10 tons ( on my shoulder, and seriously my mom wonders why I have backbone problems and I’m not freakishly strong okay?) off we goooooo! And currently, I really have writers block. So pictures, TALK! 

 On the way to Lala heaven. Not trying to act cute or lala or anything. Obviously I had some major pimple problem at the side of ma nose. And I dont have a single clue about how to use photoshop nor makeup. So, covering it up it the only way I know. My finger! :)
 Go finger! You rock! -____-

超黑福建面不要猪油渣 Hehehe, Malaysian delicacy ;) For LUNCH!

 Was sitting in the balcony of the food court so. Hello pretty clouds :)

 DESSERT!!! Honeydew Sago :) Wasn't sweet at all as Mom, suddenly remembered she's responsible for making me eat stuff that I hate, requested for less sugar :(

Balcony view through the glass :) 

 Hahah crazy shop display window! Under renovation I think. But whatever, naked plastic models! (Y) 

 OMG cuteee little ship with all the little Lego man and even has an anchor!! :D

 Mummys friend who opened Each A Cup bubble tea!

 Of course we had to drink a cup! Ordered Bubble Milk Tea. It just tasted normal.
 Raindrops on the car window :)
5pm, crazy hurricane-like rain outside, sky was dark like asdfghjkl, and my asdfghjkl mum still wanted to go to buy groceries for dinner. Seriously, nobody can stop my mum when she wants to act crazy. So, off to IOI mall we go.
Oh and also because our psycho of a floor cleaner decided to commit suicide and kill me too for always kicking it by jumping from the second floor down to the first floor when I was sitting on the stairs. I was at the crime scene when it happened. So, it was pretty much broken and my mum wanted to bring it to the hospital at IOI mall.


 Dust motes :)

 CAROUSEL!! Used to ride this many many times when I was a kid! #childhoodmemories

 Some weird  French Onion that Jusco was selling :)

Okay, I know this is crazy. CHLOROPHYLL ENRICHED CENDOL?? Hahahah wtf!

Okay, souvenirs from crazy day out with ma asdfghjkl mum!!

Lala peter pan collar shirt with a very nice blue-ish thing AND woven tan brown belt which I paired it together
And Sunglasses work well too to cover up PIMPLES! :)

 Awesome skirt from Nichii! Love the details and the white! 

 ANDDDD transparent-ish shirt from Nichii also. I bought two of these. One of them to give to my cousin, cause the doofus that I am forgotten to get her a Christmas present. 

Oh and I also wanted to post these pictures that I taken around my house. Cause my pendrive is sorta full and I dunno where else to dump these pictures ;) Teeheees! Taken these in the first place cause a magazine quote that “in familiar surroundings, we take what’s around us for granted and rarely view our home with a photographer’s eye.” So, I was trying to “view my home with a photographer’s eye” And looked what turned out -____- The pics in that magazine were so beautiful. :(

Toodles :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas day pictures :)

                     HELLO PEEPS!                     

So this post is nothing really special
Just wanna post more post before school starts
which is in a week
sad ttm

So I dont wanna write much
which must be some sort of dream come true for you
As I crap shit lot before every post
More on PICTURES this post
See, thats why the title is called Christmas day PICTURES ;)


 Lucky looks so pretty in this <3 <3 my dog

 Random windmill thingies 

 Wind chimes in my room :) 
With fairy lights in the background.

Mummy surprised me with this! Because she felt guilty that she couldn't find any Gingerbread man for sale! 
Yea they are cheap stuff but whatever. They look nicely colorful :)

Okay so those are daytime pictures
I took these with my Cousieees

  Hehe my crazy Cousin #1 :p

Took me ages to get this pic, as my dumbass of a dog never stopped moving :)

 Cousin #2

 Uggh. Was taking the life saving thingie (Im calling everything thingie nowadays. Fudge my vocab. Must be the holidays thats doing this to me) when cousin #1 came and just showed off her RM 400 Skechers -____- #failed

I guess thats awllll
Reading xiaxue as Im waiting for the pictures to upload
Which, btw, take ages compared to pictures from my crappy Olympus

                TOODLESS :)                    


                  HELLO PEEPS!                

Christmas Eve!

Hmm its sort of quiet Christmas this year, didn’t really had the Christmas spirit cause I felt more like sleeping than singing and blaring Christmas carols and talking to chatty aunts.

So anyways, Christmas eve I had more spirit than Christmas day itself., I woke up on Christmas eve at 1pm in the afternoon Heheh, I really slept in!

Brunch was Chicken Pie! Mind, not real Chicken Pie, it was frozen Chicken Pie, from Aussie Pies, Tucker Box. But whatever, it still tasted awesome! And I guess I had a little bit of ice for Christmas from the fridge ;)

Then me and Mum went to Subang Parade for tea and I snapped some pictures! Yea, with my crappy 1.3 megapixel phone. So the pictures are all really small and grainy. Sorry! Anyways, I let the crappy pictures do all the talking! Cause actually Im typing this on Christmas night and Goddamnit Im sleepy. Quoting Garfield : Nobody sleeps on Christmas Eve.

This years theme is Subang Parade is the tin soldier and the ballerina I think :)
I had a shot of the tin soldier but it was sort of blurry :(

MMM! Double Chocolate Peppermint Special from ze Coffee Bean!


So at night, instead of turkey and potatoes, we ate steamboat! Like WTF! Hahaha had a really quiet night with the ‘rents. The ‘rents watch X-factor the finale and I played computer. No countdowns no nothing. That’s why its called silent night. Cause other than the TV volume, boy it was silent!

MY FAVORITE PART!! MIDNIGHT!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D Opened presents and guess what??
READ THIS FIRST! Most of my haul was pre bought, as in I was the one who choose my own presents under the Christmas tree (and made my parents pay) but it doesn’t dampened the mood of make-believe it was sent by Santa! And these were really Christmas gift (They were bought for me because its Christmas)! Im really a kid. AND I’m not bragging anything!


yea I know. It was supposed to be a "look Im Superman! Im so strong" look but now it just looks weird :(
This SUPERMAN T-shirt! Yea I know its sort of normal but I wanted this for soooo long! Blue is such a sexy colour! And the Marvel version was like RM90 so this was pirated and bought at Jonker Street. Not afraid to admit it, who doenst love money?

CROP TOP! I wanted a crop top for freaking AGES! And this one was a BABE! Its an England flag! Even though I prefer the US flag but this was nicer! And it was like only RM12, so 5 stars for this!!

 This was taken using ma old olympus. Thats why it sucks :(

OXFORDS! Yeaaaaaaaa! I know right! THEY ARE OMG SO PRETTTAY! I wanted to buy a darker tan, but it camouflaged and melted into my skin color so I got the lighter pair. But whatever these are soooo preetttay! I really had to beg mum for this cause it wasn’t really cheap. Whateveaa

OKAY this one I bought at Singapore and I think it’s the best, NEW LEVIS JEANS!! Which I already got a pair but this was SOOOO CHEAP! It was around RM160 ++ but I LOVE THEM! HEARTS! <3<3<3

Singapore bought too. Guess whats under the Christmas tree? Mmhmm, CHARLES AND KEITH PURSE!! OMG I still cant believe my mom bought this for meee! Actually it was sort of an accident cause we missed our flight in the airport and the next available scheduled flight was in another 7 hours! So we lounged around in the immigration for 7 hours. ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!! So Mummy was sort of jet lag and sitting around in duty free stuff so when I started begging for it, she just handed me a wad of cash! Its $35 so around RM nearly 90.

Actually this was for the t-shirt. to show that I am STRONG! :)

OKAY The Last and the MOST expensive. I still cant believe Im holding this now even, A CANON DSLR EOS 600D!!! WTF OMG GGGG!!! Im freaking speechless. Im shit talkative and
Im speechless. I could figuratively jump down from the 30th floor with joy!! Now I can take photos for you guysss!!


From midnight to 4 am in the morning, I was watching MTV movie awards 2011. Which sucked. Everything Twilight got an award. Everything Twilight EDWARD! Sayriously, Taylor is WAAAY Hotter!!
Christmas Day!

Christmas day woke up freaking early. 8am? Brekkie with the ‘rents at Hometown Kopitiam. And the rest of the day was spent at home. With some new app I downloaded using Mum’s Android. Santa’s Village kept me real busy, and Doodle Balls.

Santa's Village Android game :)

Oh and I watch Dinner for Schmucks with me brother :)


                    Toodles :D