Friday, September 2, 2011

Holidayss =)


Ive been doing a lot of blogging these days.
Cause 2 blogs in a week count as a lot of blogging -___-
HAHAHA So I meant to tell you guys what I did during the holidays but Rachel came over and we went out for swimming and then lots of shooting.
I held the camera and she is the model
Oh and Rachel has a Nikon 40D which I used to take the photos but I put it on Auto since she didnt know how to control it and I didnt know where the controls were
God, there were only like, 5 buttons on that thing -_____-

And so sorry peeps for not posting the photos I took of Rachel
Since Facebook didnt allow me to take its photos
Probably it could be taken but I dunno how to copy those photos ( right I m sort of a computer noob )
Andd Rachel didnt come over since that day so I didnt have a soft copy of those pics
but Ill try my best to get those pics to post on my next post kay?

Oh and I went for Cheer yesterday!
I wanted to be in the girls team but I guess Im too old to make the squad 
I joined the guys team
Which was a bit akward  =(

And today I woke up to extreme muscle ache!
Shouldnt have did those hand stands but I want those muscles!
HEHEH now the whole house stinks of muscle rub balm =)