Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You know when people tend to get embarrassed when other people compliments them or something of that sort.
But it is way way way way more embarrassing when you do something stupid and everybody saw it
I always manage to do something like that.
Ask anybody around me and they'll start talking non stop about the embarrassing things i had done
erm, falling down because of my own feet in front of everybody? done it
wearing something totally stupid and out of place like wearing red at somebody's funeral? done it
name anything and I would have done it..

But the stupidest thing i ever did is saying some totally stupid stuff
that was because I'm immature and young
That's why I don't use social websites bcause when you say something stupid, its out for everybody to see.
If you do something in front of your friends, just only your friends know it

Recently I started using social websites cause you know, it s the holidays, 
and as usual I written a couple of embarrassing stuff la 
God I feel so shit stupid and dumb


Monday, March 14, 2011


yeah, he got into rehab and the sack and all those and hes a womenizer, which is yea, bad..
But the fact that he actually shrugs it all off and still get by life and tweet out a guiness record IS COOL
Hes like real life Barney out of How I Met Your Mother.
Hes earning lots out of his tweets and hes publicist left him which is like, Hilarious LOL

Charlie Sheen

Yea right it gets a bit boring and all those in another few months so he should really buck up d
but he is cool, for now :))


Monday, 10 pm, in front of the tv at home

 I once went to international school you know, because I thought that international school was better then the government school, which really sucks. I mean, we are forced to learn this stupid thing called Moral because what it actually is is a 2 hour paper on memorising 32 good values so even if you ace Moral that doesn't mean you are a good person or anything, it  just means you are good at memorising, which made me very sure that if i have sons or daughters, I will never let them study government school in Malaysia. So anyways, I am now back in government school not because international school is horrible, its because it is soooooo shit EXPENSIVE in international school.. I mean 25K PER YEAR?? Its even expensive then my brothers college fees and of course I missed my old friends and international school is sooooo small..

But every now and then I would think back and imagine what would happen if I had stayed in international school  and you know what?? I actually miss that place.. I am writing all this shit to say that I actually missed being an international student which I know its stupid because it s all over ain't it?

I am writing this out while watching the news....Poor Japan.....You know two really AWESOME things called Hello Kitty and Naruto came from Japan.....
Sorry Japan caused I am really trying to be symphatatic about your situation but its hard when I wanna watch NCIS LA when dad wants to watch the news...

poor Japan. please people, start saving the earth.

Its the HOLIDAYS now in Malaysia and this holiday I resolve to eating less junk and more healthy food and of course I HAVE To WORK OUT and be able to show off define muscles other than the piece of stick that is my arm..
But I really am pretty tofu because yesterday when I went swimming with Rachel I swam 5 laps and my arms this morning experienced Severe Muscle Pains (SPM) .
God, wrting this out makes me sorta depressed because Rachel is a lot younger then me and she doesn't even feel a thing. She even swam more laps then me..

If a tsunami hits Malaysia, I bet I am the first one to die....

Toodles :))

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Victoria Secret


Have you ever saw those Victoria Secret Fashion Shows?
You know when I always see those videos, the angels dressed up in pretty clothing, strutting up and down the runway, it makes my heart scream


Yeah I know..it never is going to happen because I'm merely 5' 3" and I live in Malaysia which is a really boring place.
Yeah we have rainforest and animals and all those which may sound really fabulous but in fact is really overrated.
Have you ever been in a rainforest with tons of mosquitoes the size of a baseball and are immune to repellant with wild elephant dung all around with its pungent smell of its chemicals drifting into your nose and your shoes sinking into the mud and into your socks?
Yeah its really enjoyable..

Anyways when I have enough money, I want to move to the Big Apple, with all those celebrities and models.
Even though my dad says that the crime rate there is as high as the Taiwan 101 but yeah, I'll risk it.
I'm not tall enough to be a model nor do I have a fantastic singing talent or even a photogenic face.
So I wanna be a fashion designer.

So here, peeps, is a video of  Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010. Enjoy!! :)