Sunday, June 3, 2012

LONDON the SUMMER musical


So its SUMMER season!!!
Like it needs to get any hotter here in Malaysia.
Seriously I wake up around 10 something in the morning (its holidays!!!) everyday sweltering like mad and soak in the bath for around half and hour to cool down -___-
Ok so thats so not the point
The point is, I went for THE LONDON SUMMER MUSICAL yesterday here in the SUNWAY LAGOON AMPHITEATERE!!!!

erm that link there CAN"T be clicked as i erm sorta stole the pic from a website heheh :( 

yea i went with my parents and their friends and i kinda had a row with my mum but yea it was FREAKINGLY AWESOME considering the fact that it was the first time I went to a musical.
Okay details of the musical first
Well we got the tickets free from my mums friend and somehow we got an extra ticket ( I think my mum begged for it cause ya know "aunty carmens daughter is going" and you know parents keep pushing you towards people they think you should know -_____- )
BUT since the tickets were free, of course we got stuck in a sucky place, like

Here (see the yellow circle)

And like i said i sorta had a row with my mum because i didnt wanna go at the first place so i didnt bring a camera nor any essentials la pretty much

the only pics i took were grimy images from my phone which pretty much blurs to nothing considering we sat like miles away from the stage
so im not gonna train your cilary bodies (eye muscles, we learned it in BIO) by posting them up here

But since its the first time ive been to a musical it was AWESOME
totally like High School Musical, or Glee or Sound of Music!
Keep singing and singing and singing 
there even had a James Bond scene!

*In love Sigh

Well actually since i couldnt really see their faces the songs were actually the only thing i can hear

Okay and i think (since i couldnt see) the cast was pretty HOT
Well they are in fact all dancers so dancers all are hot
Oooooh and when they swirl the girls around you can catch glimpses everywhere (OMG that sounds so perverty but i dont know how to put it in a non perverty way GRRRRR)
OKAY reasons why you should go watch the musical: Hot people CHECK!


Okay pics i snitched from other peoples blog (SORRY!)

So thats the stage props and there even had Savoys right at the corner on the other side <------

Oh right I didnt tell the story of the musical
Kay here goes
Three stewardess came to London for 48 hours and all three of them were different but they all found their true love in the end of the musical and they performed in a charity concert because of their newly found boyfriends which all of the boyfies found a job in NewYork (oh right the boyfie with the JBieber hair was a rich kid, in fact all of them were i think,with the exception of backstreet boy) and flew their to join them Happily Ever After the end.

Dont get what I meant?

Yea well the story was a little corny but whatev it was my first MUSICAL!

*in love sigh again

Oh right, pictures (SORRY!!!)

OOOH spot any hotties?? ;)

Yea loads of singing :)

AND singing


THANKS carolinemayling! :)

Well there aint any Broadway in Malaysia and there hardly is any chance that we Malaysian get to see musicals so any corny musicals
Bring it on!

So thats all will post more posts if parent and brother does not hog the comp
Oh you can google London the Summer Musical (and boy was it summer, we were sweating like crazy in the amphitheater) if you want tickets :)

Oh and bring hand held fans if youre a humongo sweater (SWEAT-ER)
Oh right and theres free snacks before the musical starts but you have to hurry cause they get finshed real fast (you know Malaysians)


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