Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Heheheh aaaanyways its currently still during exams time and yea Im having ma Physics paper tomorrow :(
BUTTT whateverr! ( Ooooh when i put like double T's in a but it becomes butt! Geddit? Heh imma being lame again. You can totally ignore this brackety thing here ) Not like imma gonna score like the first in class or anything,
somemore I totally screwed ma Chemistry today
*sigh #life 

Kay so actually I wasnt planning to blog anything so this was just a random, top of my head move
Oh yea, and I said that cause I ain't got any pictures nor videos to post eheheh
Suddenly I wanted to blog cause well, I was playing ma Avengers ( Facebook game, for people who have been actually hiding under a rock) then well, I ran out of energy :p

so i started stalking peoples blogs AGAIN
then I thought of ma little bloggie here ;)

Missed me? ;)

Well i totally need a break kay
NO MORE Young's Double Slit experiment nor anymore Charles Law
So that pretty much means imma gonna screw over my Physics too

Oh and btw when I was sorta blog jumping,
peeps who are taking SPM too, I found a blog that actually teaches Physics
Yea it doesnt really do much but it helps you to be less guilty
like when mum comes looking and she says like " Ah boy! Playing computer again ah?"
Then you can go "No ma, Imma learning Physics!"
oh right 
It isn't really  very good and I think you can find better Physics-teaching-blogs out there but whatever, I just blog-jumped onto that one! Its random!
And it really helps your conscience.

I think Imma gonna go take a nap!
Cause naps are better than just sitting in front of the comp playing Avengers
And btw I haven't watch the movie
Yea im super outdated.
Gonna watch it with peeps right after the exams!
Like one hour after the exams. 
Probably gonna blog again this Friday/ Saturday
since next week holidays STARTS!!

Oh and any 5S8 peeps. LOOK AT THIS MAN!
This is how we do it.


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