Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Yourself :)


So Ive got a feeling this is gonna be one of my last post of this year 2012 anyways 
Cause Its officially the last day of my summer break seeing as Im graduating this year from high school and imma feeling a tad bit nostalgic
Heck, I used a pen yesterday and couldnt help thinking when and where did it came from, what memories it will bring me and stuff like that -____-
Yea, that pen I obtained from my Singapore Trip with the QMs when I was Form Three
Ahhhhhh good memories :)

YAAAAAA > we all had bad haircuts and braces that time heheh :(

EHEHEHEH #memories

Yea well I couldnt sleep yesterday (ya know, holidays and all ) and was just like staring at the ceiling for around an hour and I was listening to my phone and all those nostalgic songs came on like Fearless ( Mels favorite song! ) Fifteen ( loved it so much i memorised the lyrics ) Fall for you ( sang like crazy to it with my brother and kena daddy marah like siao ) Dont stop believing (ditto)

yaaaaa and also all this song were on descending order on my phone list heheh

Oh god we used to be so close (note that i never smile cause of the DREADED braces, thank god they came off, after three years though, I seriously thought they were gonna stick on my teeth permanently )

OMG my surprise bday! I LOVE MY DARLING XUE SO MUCH :')

Oh ya PMR! and all the crazy after PMR things that we did!

OMG im bombarding this blog with crazy things that mean something to me but nothing to everyone else 
Im so selfish :p

KAY yea there was another part in my night wanderings which made me go and read his messages
yea I do miss him

KAY! So since its my last holiday ever Im gonna have an awesome lunch ( oreo and milk! ) and Im gonna laze around all day as its my last day of lazing around and I should totally appreaciate it!


Okay some crazy me pictures that i took last holiday since I didnt camwhore this holiday and every holiday should have camwhore pictures but last holidays pics were so much that they can totally take over this holidays quota of camwhore pics

Okay i uploaded only ONE photo hehe. Thats enough cause I cant camwhore properly. Im serious. This is the one pic I dont look really retarded.

Enjoy the present, Dont worry about the future, Live the moment ; make the most out of today :)


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