Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So imma writing this down cause well, I barely fall sick and this sick day was totally memorable cause it sorta happened in school and it really made me feel that people actually care for me and not actually secretly hate me ( heheh im insecure, dont know what for, I turn heads when i walk through the do-o-or ;)

OKAY so pretty much there wont be any pictures la duh ( like I would let anybody to see pics of me puking or my puke itself )

URGH so it started at around 6am in school and i straight went to the toilet and puked out yesterday dinner and my brekkie. EWWW there were undigested pieces of veggies that were like black already and well, pieces of PB&J i had for brekkie, which were white. So pretty vintage vomit :) ANNND it was embarrassing cause when i was puking there was this totally PRINCESSY girl (dude, she custom made her school uniform, like WHY?)  in the toilet at the same time and when i came out she gave me the " EWWW DID YOU JUST PUKED IN THE TOILET YOU DISGUSTING FREAK?" D: OH YEAH and i got some puke in my hair too and THANK GOD I had shampoo in my locker so I just sorta wash it out.


Then around like 8 am I was feeling like SUPER hungry considering i just puked up all my brekkie and even last nights dinner and I complained like shite ( I always complain when imma hungry, so its like the duty of everyone around me to feed me, hahahah imma such a diva ;) so Mel gave me one of her pancakes she made herself and guess what? I puked it right out in a plastic bag right 5 minutes after i ate it AND mind you it wasn't those dainty little cute plastic sick bags you find in gifts shops but it was the Humongo giant black plastic bag used to line rubbish bins, like...

So everybody in class was like wtf??? and i was like i wanna hide in the plastic bag too :(  OH and Mel was giving me the like " Is my pancake that horrible? " look. SORRY MEL.

Oh and after that i puked again in those bags like around 9am and thats when i called my dad to let me go home and ZIYING said i look very pale and imma like SUCCESS! Ive been like so dark and tan and yellowish skin tone (urgh, typical asian) and like for once I look pale :)

I cant type that long of a post cause i know im just gonna bore you guys like, WHY DOES THIS GIRL KEEP TALKING ABOUT HER VOMIT? So in conclusion, I had stomach flu and I vomitted FOUR times that day which Im thankful of since there are to sides to stomach flu, ONE is the way i prefer which is through the mouth and TWO the way I DO NOT prefer which is through the OTHER END ( for dumsdums, its your ass ) and ma friends have been really nice to me telling me im pale and giving suggestions to where i should dump my bag of vomit ( ahahah mr chans precious recycle bins < if i really hate him>)

OH AND I LOVE MY PARENTS espiecially when imma sick then only they suddenly gain their parenting skills and take care of me. And i got feverish around 8pm and everything around felt like a spinning vortex as i was all pengsan (faint).

AND PPL who wished me get well soon like wow I didnt know i had that much friends hahahahah :D
SO ANYWAYS THANK YOU though I have already another title to my already long existing one : VomitQueen (ERGH OYC YOU SO GONNA GET HELL FOR THIS )

SO that concludes my SICK DAY and even though i cut off like half of it cause its a really long sordid story.


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